What is Seventh Circle?

Simply put, Seventh Circle is a story – but it's also more than that. Seventh Circle represents my hopes for the future of storytelling: a new format, inspired by the radio dramas of the 1920s, pulp novels of the 1930s, and film serials of the 1940s. Seventh Circle isn't written any differently from a novel, but its narrative beats and story arcs are spread out across hundreds of thousands of words, all condensed into bite-sized episodes every Friday. These episodes are narrated by myself and my team on YouTube and podcast services, while also being available to read in a PDF format for those who are interested. Physical, pulp-style copies are also available to those who subscribe to my Patreon and are more comfortable with a good old-fashioned book in their hands.

What's the story?

Seventh Circle follows a small group of likeminded Millennials navigating adult life in the turbulent 2010s. Inspired by a now-defunct group of paranormal investigators, these college-aged conspiracy theorists will put their (meagre) money where their (hungry) mouths are and use what little resources they have to track down recent examples of paranormal activity, in the hopes of someday exposing the world of spirits and monsters to the general public. Intertwined with their search for the supernatural are the all-too-relatable struggles of their lives as young people in a divided America: unfortunately, not every team of ghost-hunters can be Mulder and Scully, and our heroes will more often than not find themselves struggling to consolidate their hectic lives and busy work schedules with their dreams of bagging a real-life demon.

What's the format?

I'm glad you asked. As previously stated, a new twenty-to-thirty-minute episode of Seventh Circle will debut every Friday from June to December, with every June seeing the premiere of a new season. Think of it like a TV show – just, with no visuals.

Each season will be divided into smaller "serials," each of which will deal with a new investigation. These serials range in length from one to seven episodes, and will be compiled into a pulp-style printout for my Patrons. Every April, an Omnibus Edition will be published on Amazon, comprising the entire previous season (as well as some awesome new content not seen anywhere else).

So whether you prefer to read on paper, read on digital, or just have a story read to you in dramatic fashion, Seventh Circle has something for everyone. And with any luck this format will catch on, and we'll be able to look forward to a more inclusive, more accessible style of storytelling in the future.

where can i find seventh circle?

The as-of-yet-released episodes of Seventh Circle can be found on my YouTube channel HERE.